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Coaching for Life and Career Transition

Are you in transition?  Not sure about your next job?  Think maybe your life needs to be re-balanced. I am an experienced life transition and career coach who has worked with people of all backgrounds and occupations.

Services include:

  •             Assessment and Career Choice
  •             Resume and Marketing Materials
  •             Conducting a Professional Job Search
  •             Effective Interviewing

If you would like to explore new directions, call me for a free phone consultation. In Albuquerque, 505-235-9753 or email me.

Writers, Artists, Entrepreneurs and Other Creative People

  • Wondering how to express yourself?
  • Feeling the creative urge but unsure how to express it?
  • You’d like to try something new, but want support or resources?

I am an experienced life transition and creativity coach who uses various methods to facilitate insight and action in my clients. I can help you figure out what you want to do and create a plan to make it happen. When blocks arise, I’ll help you push through whatever stands in your way.

People who express their creativity are both happier and healthier. Learn how to find clarity and overcome any doubts that may hinder you.

Sessions are individualized and discreet. Contact me in Albuquerque. email me.