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Upcoming Classes at UNM Continuing Education

Classes are held at 1234 University Blvd in Albuquerque, NM. For more information on any class, Contact MeTo register, call UNM Continuing Education at 505-277-0077. Or, go to

Writing from the Heart: A Feedback Group for Writers 

January 22 to March 11, 2020.  Wednedsay evening, 5:30-7:30

Are are working on a short story, a novel, a nonfiction book, or memoir? Would you like the benefit of sharing and discussing your work in a group setting? This class is for aspiring and beginning writers who want supportive feedback, and are willing to assist other writers by reading and commenting on their work.

Classes include discussion of writing topics, resources, and a review of participants’ writing. Feedback on your work will be structured to be helpful and supportive, and will be provided by class members and the instructor.

The Wisdom of the Heart: Science, the Human Heart and Performance

February 5 to 19, 2020.  Wednesday, 1-3 PM

The heart as the seat of empathy and love is well-documented in literature.  Medical science gives us advice on how to keep our heart healthy and fit.  Now, neurophysiology and neurocardiology are producing research that presents a different picture of how the heart integrates mind and body, intellect and emotions.  The heart’s “intelligence” affects our feelings, sense of well-being, and immune systems.

We will discuss heart/brain communication, how the heart impacts resilience, stress and emotions, the concept of coherence, the role of the heart in intuition, and how the heart affects all our organs and even the people (and pets!) in the environment.  It turns out the heart has a mind of its own!

You will learn simple techniques to bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into alignment with the heart’s intuitive guidance. Resources for further investigation will be provided. 

The Artist’s Way for People Who Want to Write (88116)

March 3 to May 19, 2020, Tuesday, 3-5 PM

Expllore your pathway to creativity. Do you dream of writing a poem, play, memoir, short story, or novel, but can’t seem to start? Or maybe you start, but bog down before you finish. This class is for anyone who wants to dissolve the blocks that prevent you from being the creative person you were meant to be.

We will use the steps outlined in The Artist’s Way to explore how the natural order of life is creativity and not just for the elite few.  Taught in a safe, nurturing environment. Your work does not have to be shared in class. All are welcome. No writing experience is necessary, only the willingness to explore, and an open mind. 

Shamanism: From Witch Doctors Through the New Millennium 

May 7 to 28, 2020,  Thursday. 1-3 PM

Shamanism, the oldest form of healing, dates from 30,000 ago years when medicine men mediated between the inner life of tribal members and the community. The shaman mastered the ecstatic power of dreams, visions, and trances. Shamanism was practiced worldwide and the legacy lives on today, not only in indigenous cultures but in eastern healing practices such as yoga.

Western schools of psychology have investigated altered states of consciousness, visualization, dream imagery, breathing techniques and sound to incorporate spiritual insight into therapeutic processes. Schools based on depth psychology and the newer “experiential therapies” employ techniques of consciousness transformation with ancient roots. We will explore how the new therapies use shamanic methods such as the journey of awakening, healing of psychic fragmentation, and the reconciliation of dualities such as good/evil, male/female, and human/animal.


Custom Classes in:

  • Writing for Self-expression
  • Writing for Healing
  • Creativity
  • Professional and Business Writing
  • Grammar for Busy Professionals