Resume and Marketing Materials

A professionally written, edited, and formatted resume is essential in a competitive marketplace.

My name is Carol March, and I have more than twenty years’ experience developing resumes, letters, and marketing materials that help my clients get the job of their dreams. I’m experienced in all career fields, with people in transition, those returning to the job market, and new graduates. I tailor each resume to the individual’s needs and never use templates or boilerplate language.

The first step is to send me a copy of your most recent document, if you have one. If not, we can meet in person in my Albuquerque office or talk on the phone so I can get the information to develop your document. You can reach me at 505-235-9753 or email at

Prices depend on the amount of work experience you have since that determines the length and complexity of your resume.

Resume Development

Entry level ─ 0-2 years’ experience—$95

Mid-level ─ 3-8 years’ experience—$125

Senior-level ─ 8 years’ experience—$175



Cover letters and followup letters range from $25-$50 depending on length and complexity.

Marketing Text

Linked-In Profiles ─ $25

Other profiles, web text and brochure copy on request.

Career Coaching

Coaching helps you move through transition and identify your new career. After you choose a goal, we cover any aspect of how to conduct an effective job search–identifying targets, effective interviewing, and salary negotiation. Coaching services are hourly, with no minimum number of sessions.

Coaching Services—$65/hour

If you would like to explore new directions, call me for a free phone consultation. In Albuquerque, 505-235-9753 or email me.