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What You Need is Within You

The roadmap to emotional health hides without our own bodies.  The clues that something is wrong may take the form of pain, symptoms that appear without cause, even illness. When we don’t deal with difficult situations and the emotions they evoke, those emotions find...

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Why You Feel the Way You Do

Do you ever wonder why you feel like you do? If you’re happy and satisfied with your life, the question may not come up. But what about when you feel: anxious depressed sluggish out of sorts stuck? Or maybe you can’t pinpoint why you can’t get going on that creative...

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Healing Broken Hearts

Our hearts are amazing organs of light and matter. On one level they pump blood to keep us alive. On another, they are the seat of empathy, of love for self and others. On a third, they bridge the gap between thoughts and emotions. The heart mediates conflicts and...

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The Dreamwalkers of Larreta, Book 2

  I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my second book of the visionary fantasy trilogy, The Dreamwalkers of Larreta. If you like to read fantasy with a metaphysical twist, I hope you’ll try my books.  Both are now available in electronic format.  The Tyro is in...

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